Whilst, indicators appear to show that the economic recession has passed, it has unfortunately left an uncertain and unprecedented future for UK businesses. No matter if you’re a one-man band or a multi-national organisation, every business faces continued economic volatility, difficulties in accessing finance, increased regulation, costs, taxation and interest rates.

Stephen Luck Business Coaching There are approximately 5.2 million businesses, in the UK, 99% of which are Small to Medium sized Enterprises (SME’s) – employing 0-249 people, with over 5 million (96% of all businesses) employing less than 10 people. In addition to the challenges facing all business, SME’s perhaps face additional challenges.

- Time constraints, leading to working In, rather than On the business.
- Lack of Knowledge / Skills, highlighted as challenges arise.
- Information overload making effective Decision-Making problematic.
- Trying to do it all. Alone.
- Retaining and boosting a competitive Unique Selling Proposition.
- Attracting new Clients.
- Lack of general Direction and Planning.
- Growing the business Sustainably.

It is therefore little surprise that a high percentage of business fail within the first five years of operation. Hiring a business coach can provide tremendous value to a business, both in terms of Return on Investment and from simply having a skilled coach in your corner, who’s aim is solely to support you in taking your business performance to the next level. The packages below are designed to meet the needs of business and to support them in facing today’s challenges more effectively.

To help ensure that I am the right Business Coach for you, I offer a FREE 2-hour initial strategy session. This allows me to better understand what you are looking to achieve and how I may be able to help. It also allows you to fully experience the impact of my coaching.

Outline of my Business Coaching Packages:

  • Bronze Business Coaching Package: Ideal for those businesses that feel that they need support in a specific area and who want a bespoke intervention that fits with their unique requirements and desired outcome.
  • Silver Business Coaching Package: A 2 month, 4 half-day program. Ideal for those budding entrepreneurs who spot an opportunity and want to acts on it to make it into a commercial success.
  • Gold Business Coaching Package: A 3 month, 6 half-day program. Ideal for those businesses that have perhaps plateaued in their performance, find that they are facing increased competition or need to consider a strategic change of direction to continue to grow.
  • Platinum Business Coaching: A 6 month, 12 half-day program. Offering all the value of the Silver package, plus additional support with the implementation of the newly formed business plan.

Please use the links below for more details on my Business Coaching packages and other Business related information. Alternatively, contact me for more information, or if you would like me to develop a program to meet your specific requirement.