Career Coaching, Management & Development Navigating a meaningful and successful career has become increasing difficult in the last 20 years. Organisations are changing: Restructuring, Centralising, Downsizing, Diversifying…… need I go on? And all this with increased productivity expectations and diminishing resources. Furthermore, the pace of change can sometimes make it difficult to just keep up. With all this considered, it is little wonder our careers are often something we just fall into, leaving us to wake up one day wondering, how did I get here? The simple truth is that the vast majority of careers are unplanned, with our career paths often being constructed by a series of fairly random, unplanned events.

I am sure that you often feel that there just isn’t enough hours in the day to meet targets, attend meetings, read and answer all those emails! A fact that makes the boundary between our work and personal lives more and more blurry. When you consider that over 75% of our weekly energy is focused on work; preparing for work, getting to work, talking about work and worrying about work, and that you are probably going to have to work into your seventies, that’s at least 100,000 hours, before you can afford to retire......

Given the unpredictable nature and pace of change, how, you might ask, can you hope to plan and take control of your working future? How do you plan career steps, have a strategy for development, job growth, or promotion? If long-term planning is difficulty and seems futile, it can be tempting to do nothing. However, the steps you take in the next 12 months, if you really start to take control of your working life, will probably have more effect on your future that anything else you have done.

Being in control of your career, having a career plan, means different things to different people. It isn’t just thinking about your next step up the career ladder. For some people, it’s about finding a way to continue learning. For others it’s about achieving recognition. For some it’s about moving into a job that is more interesting and fulfilling. Whatever your motivation, it would be my privilege to help you.

To help ensure that I am the right coach for you, I offer a FREE initial session. This allows me to better understand what you are looking to achieve and how I may be able to help. It also allows you to fully experience the impact of my coaching.

Outline of my Career Coaching Packages:

- Bespoke Career Coaching: Allowing the flexibility to design a package to meet your exact requirements.
- Bronze Career Coaching Package: A 1 month, 4 session program. Helping you to find what it is you really want to do
- Silver Career Coaching Package: A 3 month, 8 session program. Helping you to develop a strategy to transition into what you really want to do.
- Gold Career Coaching Package: A 6 month, 14 session program. A full career planning program, setting you up for career success.

Please use the links below for more details on my Career Coaching packages and other Career related information. Alternatively, contact me for more information, or if you would like me to develop a program to meet your specific requirement.