Borja Fernandez-Peña | London
I was seeking a career move when I started looking for a coach. After speaking to a few. I was lucky enough to stumble upon Stephen. He instantly gained my confidence and trust. What I really liked from our initial conversation was how he focused on me. He was determined to understand my background and my problems and was keen to establish whether he was the right fit for me. After our first meeting I was positive he was the right person to coach me. I enjoyed every minute of his calmness, focus, reassurance and professionalism throughout. He almost made me believe helping me was his one and only objective.

Stephen really goes the extra mile to support your goals, thoughts and aspirations. I couldn’t be happier of the decision I’ve made to have Stephen as a coach.
David Groves | London
I engaged the help of Stephen when I went through a redundancy process. He is a first class motivator that understands the person that he is working with. His career coaching has been excellent and he has enabled me to flourish in a tough time. I plan to continue with this one to one time as it has allowed me to stretch my thinking and I am sure will set me for the larger executive roles that I covert.

Dr Simon Davies  |  London

Coaching with Stephen has been of great value and has helped me move forward on my personal journey. Having regular sessions has provided a framework for an on going commitment to improve myself. In these sessions Stephen has helped me explore what it is that I am looking to achieve in life and provided support in taking actions towards this. In my interactions with Stephen

I have found him attentive and focused on me, listening and challenging as required. The positive challenges have helped me navigate through some difficult situations and thought processes. My experience with Stephen has been extremely valuable.
Martin Hurley | General Manager. K West Hotel & Spa London
Stephen conducted Up-selling Training for our Guest service Team members in both Reception and Food & Beverage. Multiple sessions were delivered, making it really easy to schedule attendance around our business requirements – Stephen’s flexibility in working around the business was the key to making it happen.

Besides Stephen obvious passion for training and developing people, his Hotel experience ensures that he relates well with delegates and the examples he uses are 100% relevant to the subject matter. This was extremely important to me; I have attended several disengaging training courses that use dull sporting analogies to appeal to a wider group. Having an ex Hotelier who fully understands the day-to-day challenges adds a real element of authenticity and definitely aids learning.

Team motivation really increased after the training days; there was a real buzz in the air and a desire to put the learning’s into action. Whilst still early days, the training is starting to show real results in increased sales; we just had an all-time record revenue month and I do attribute part of this to the additional upselling that the Team feel equipped to deliver. I would recommend Stephen to anyone looking to enhance their teams sales skills and general levels of motivation and engagement.
Kevin Voss | General Manager. The Greenwich Hotel London
Wanting to enhance the hotels Leadership Skills & Behaviours, I approached Stephen to develop and deliver a bespoke ‘Leadership Development Program’ for our Hotel’s Heads of Departments. This took place across several modules, covering Self Leadership & Development, Team Leadership, Coaching, Influence, Communication, Presentation Skills and Conflict resolution. The development program was supported by a series of one-to-one coaching sessions for each of the delegates to greatly enhance their individual learning’s and to help them to implement the changes and actions required. The impact of the training was fantastic; not only in the enhanced Leadership Skills and behaviours displayed, but also in how the Heads of Department came together and started to work as a high performing, cohesive team.

The hotel is continuing to work with Stephen, and we have chosen to expand the Leadership Development to include our emerging management population, whilst simultaneously introducing an engagement program for all our frontline employees.I would highly recommend Stephen to anyone looking to enhance their teams Leadership skills, general levels of motivation and overall engagement.

Kevin Voss
General Manager.
The Greenwich Hotel
Simon Jones | Managing Director. Prime Agency Recruitment
Stephen was recommended to me by a business colleague. After running my own business for over 10 years, I was keen to see what expert advice was available to help ensure that I not only remained competitive in the marketplace, but also had a strategic plan to help grow the business over the next few years.

Stephen has been an excellent find and added real value to myself and the company. He is extremely focussed and passionate, with a very friendly and engaging manner. I have no hesitation in recommending Stephen.
Claire Brown  |  Essex
I had been bullied at work for a period of 2 years. As a consequence my professional confidence had declined. My plan to move beyond this involved studying for a further professional qualification, whilst continuing to work as a full time solicitor. Although I had completed my first exam successfully, I found the whole experience stressful (and nearly did not sit the exam). I asked Stephen to help, as I needed to maintain concentration and focus whilst “remembering to breath” (as Stephen often reminds me).  As a consequence of Stephen’s coaching I was less stressed and more organised for my exam in November. I even made time for “fun”. I now look forward with Stephen’s help, to finding new employment with greater skill, qualification and confidence.

Ashish Nandi  |  London

My partners and I have been in the process of creating our own business venture for the last 12 months. We have been seeking investment since December 2012. 

My first coaching session with Stephen took place in July 2013. By this point in my business journey, I felt defeated with countless rejections, starting to even doubt my abilities to ever become successful. Very early on in our coaching sessions, my thought process started to change. Stephen helped me discover my ability to think, plan and I began finding my way around barriers. 

Our coaching sessions helped me realise that if I didn’t know how to deal with a particular challenge then what I could do is to learn the techniques. This realisation has lead to a great deal of personal development in me and consequently, in my entire team. In a short stretch of time between July to now, our business has evolved from a venture which was rejected by over 200 different types of organisations, institutes and individuals to a project which is now attracting more than one new investment interest every week. The coaching sessions with Stephen have helped me build momentum of success for myself, my partners and my brand Gym Co. 

I have already recommended Stephen to my friends who want to improve their impact over life and need a step change in their thinking.

Lorena Dominguez  |  London

Stephen had been coaching me for 7 months and I have found the time spent being extremely beneficial both on a personal and professional level. He has an amazing ability to gain your trust from day 1, he is a great listener and he is genuinely interested in helping you grow and develop to get to a better place. 

Stephen uses different models and techniques depending on your needs and he knows when to push you more or when you give you your own space to think. Throughout this 7 months, all the communication from Stephen either previous to our appointments, on the day or follow up, were professional and timely, in addition to this he was always very organised. 

I find Stephen to be an excellent coach and I would be delighted to recommend him to anyone that is seeking to better themselves in life either professionally or personally.

Nick Savvidies  |  South Africa

I found the coaching sessions with Stephen enlightening. I have become much clearer and focused on what I want to achieve and have a plan to help me do it. My productivity has increased dramatically, and being in a commission-based industry, it is crucial to produce results. Stephen is an excellent coach and I would recommend him to anyone who wants to see their life improve.